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Dermal Fillers

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Do You Have Sunken or Wrinkled Features? Not a Problem with Dermal Fillers!

Wouldn't it be nice if our faces were gravity-proof and never had to suffer under wrinkles?  We can only dream of such a world, but in the meantime, the marriage of beauty and science has been very fruitful in providing various tools to help us win the war against facial aging. The question then becomes, how do you choose a treatment to reverse the signs of aging? Ideally a beauty product should work fast, but should also be affordable. Unfortunately not every solution in the beauty market can provide fast results at an affordable price. Wouldn't it be nice if anti-aging creams really delivered on all their promises, or if you didn't have to be a rich celebrity to afford plastic surgery in order to look young again? That's where dermal fillers come in.  Derma Fillers are a cost effective, non-surgical facelift alternative. These injectable fillers plump up sagging areas of your face, adding the right volume to problem areas, and restoring the attractive facial symmetry you once had in your younger years. These fillers enable you to recapture the freshness of your past youth by restoring your high, sexy cheekbones and your full, pouty lips through lip augmentation. Who says you can't glow and bloom in your midlife?

Asava Medi Spa offers Juvederm and Radiesse, two of the most popular dermal fillers. We chose these two injectable fillers based on the best after-treatment results, and actual client feedback as well. When deciding between which of the two to use, our staff will recommend the best products for specific treatment areas. Between these two dermal fillers, we can treat most problem areas. So come in and receive our trademark quality service that our medi spa is known to offer. Call us or visit our aesthetic center for a complimentary consultation today!

We also offer other injectable services.  For more information on our other services including Botox and Asclera, please click on the links.

Laser Lipolysis, skin tightening and fat removal 

Radiesse, Juvederm and Fillers 

Available for Cosmetic and Pain 

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