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Laser Hair Removal

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Be smooth and completely hair-free with laser hair removal

Hair growth is ideally thick on the top of your head, just about right at the lash line and brow area, and sparse elsewhere. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been genetically wired to produce more facial and body hair than we would want.

We all know men can sport a mustache, but as a woman, you don't want any facial hair above the lip. As a female, you also probably find underarm shaving to be, tedious and ineffective, especially if you have ingrown hair. Waxing can be painful as well, and may cause some bleeding if done improperly.

Typically, men can get away with a little extra hairiness in the face and body, but sometimes having too much body hair can be an issue. If you're a hairy guy, you know that sweat can collect on your chest due to the thick, bushy hair. It can be pretty itchy as well, especially during hot days.

Being too hairy may be a genetic problem that affects many men and women, but the good news is that with sophisticated laser technology, you can now achieve near permanent results in solving the hairy problem of hirsutism. This low-energy laser hair removal technique keeps skin smooth and supple longer than any hair removal methods such as shaving, electrolysis, and waxing. With laser hair removal, you can now throw away all of your hair removal products that contain harmful chemicals and toxins. No more razor nicks and cuts, unsightly stubble, and ingrown hair caused by shaving, no more agitating trips to the waxing salon, or screams of pain if you do the body waxing yourself.

Laser hair removal is the best long-term solution for unwanted hair or hirsutism. It is the safest, gentlest, most effective, and long-lasting hair removal treatment used and trusted by celebrities. With this laser treatment you will end up with the smoothest and most touchably soft skin you've ever had. Your skin will be so soft and smooth that you won't be able to resist touching yourself! Asava Medispa gives you the best services and deals for facial and body hair removal, so call us up or drop by our center located in the heart of Orange County, California to inquire about our special hair removal packages.

Laser hair removal FAQ

How does the laser hair removal treatment get rid of unwanted hair?

The light and heat generated by the laser penetrates the dark pigment in the hair follicle. The laser energy causes hair follicle temperature to rise, shortly leading to the destruction of the follicles without negatively affecting the surrounding tissue. Treatment may take a few minutes to over an hour, it depends on the area(s) to be treated.

Is the hair removal painful?

This depends on many factors such as hair coarse, amount of hair and pain threshold. Many of our patients do not feel much discomfort. We offer topical anesthetic (numbing agent) to make it virtually painless.  It is completely non-invasive so you can get back to your normal activities right after treatment. You will just have to wear sunscreen to protect areas that have been treated.

Is it safe?

Yes, the procedure is very safe, although there may be some localized redness that will eventually lighten in appearance several minutes after the treatment. Swelling may occur in highly sensitive individuals. The laser hair removal treatment is also safe for tanned and colored skin. Any concerns you may have about the safety of laser hair removal can be addressed by the physician during your complimentary consultation.

What are the areas that this type of hair removal can treat?

Our laser hair removal treatment can remove both facial hair and body hair. Both men and women can benefit from the treatment. Areas in the body that are usually treated include the bikini line, underarms, arms, and legs. Men can have their chest hair, sideburns, and back hair removed for a cleaner look and feel. However, our aesthetic center can treat virtually any area from head to foot.

How many times should I go for treatment?

At least 5 treatments are usually required to wear out hair follicles for a longer period of time. More sessions may be needed depending on the area being treated and certain genetic and hormonal factors. Each session is spaced between 4 to 8 weeks apart.


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