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Neck Lift For Excess Fat & Wrinkle Removal

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Most women know that a facelift can help to retain their youthful looks. However, there is also an option available to rejuvenate the skin under the chin which is the necklift

A diagram of neck lift procedures

What are Neck Lifts? 

Neck lifts are a cosmetic operation that remove or reduce wrinkles as well as excess fat. 
Laser Liposuction is used primarily to remove excess fat while cervicoplasty can be used to remove extra skin if there is any. The last step is platysmaplasty which allows the removal or tightening of the neck muscles to get rid of unwanted lines.

Results of a Neck Lift Before and After Pics

Neck Lift Procedure 

During the process, excess fat and skin are removed from the neck area and optionally your neck muscles can be tightened or removed. This will give you a defined neck, and an improved appearance of the jaw. You can use this procedure alone or in combination with other procedures such botox injections, dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse, or IPL and Fraxel for skin tightening.

This procedure can be done as quickly as 1 hour. If you are receiving additional treatments, however, the entire process will take longer. There are two additional treatments that may be necessary if the skin will be loose after receiving the laser lipo. The first is called cervicoplasty where your excess skin is removed. The second is platysmaplasty where your neck muscles are tightened or removed.

There may be some pain after the procedure, but your surgeon will prescribe pain medication if necessary. There may also be some swelling and bruising, but it is only temporary. Your surgeon will suggest that you do not work out or perform any strenuous activity for at least a week after the procedure and to take it easy for the first three weeks after the operation.

See Before and After Pics for a Neck Lift

Find out if you are eligible for a Neck Lift today!

If you are curious about the cost of neck lift surgery, or if you would like to schedule a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure, call us today at (714) 689-3050.  We are located conveniently in Tustin CA off of Newport Ave and the 5 near El Camino Real.

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